Deep Breath

You sound all…English.  You’ve all developed a fault! The Twelfth Doctor Synopsis Following the events of The Time of the Doctor, the newly regenerated Doctor arrives in Victorian London, while his companion, Clara, struggles to deal with his new regeneration.  They are joined by the Paternoster Gang, who are investigating a series of spontaneous combustions around London. […]

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There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes. The Fourth Doctor Synopsis While the Doctor is recovering from his latest regeneration, there are a number of thefts of secret plans threatening global security, with the guards killed. The culprit appears to be a robot, created by the National Institute for […]

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The Eleventh Hour

Can I have an apple? The Eleventh Doctor Synopsis After an explosive regeneration, the Doctor is thrust into the heart of the action, having to investigate a crack in young Amelia Pond’s wall.  Due to damage suffered by the TARDIS, he leaves and returns later, finding a grown-up Amy Review The casting of Matt Smith […]

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