When a newspaper reporter goes missing, the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa uncover a case of alien abduction. The trail leads to the planet Luparis, and a city that appears to be a replica of Tudor-era London.

What are the monsters that lurk in the shadows? And what is the terrible secret at the heart of Luparis? To save a world, the Doctor must try and defeat the evil plans of Queen Zafira.

And one of her plans is to marry him…

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Orphan 55

This review contains spoilers for Orphan 55 and series 12 so far.  If you are not up to date, please come back after you’ve seen it. Synopsis The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham find themselves at Tranquility Spa – but the relaxing atmosphere is soon disrupted by an attack by the Dregs. Review I had high hopes […]

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