Seasons of Fear

It was at the Singapore Hilton, on the cusp of the yars 1930 and 1931, that I first met Mr. Sebastian Grayle. The Doctor Synopsis The Doctor brings Charley to the Hilton in Singapore, her original destination when she originally boarded the R101, to meet Alex Grayle.  Whilst Charley enjoys her date, the Doctor encounters […]

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Living Legend

Synopsis The world faces imminent destruction when Italy win the 1982 World Cup!  Can the fabled Time Lord Charleyostiantayshius save humanity from the dreaded Threllip Empire, or will her idiot companion, the Doctor, ruin everything? Review At only 20 minutes long, this story is a bit different and quite difficult to review.  It seems to […]

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Invaders from Mars

How does it feel to betray your own planet? A lot like betraying your own country but a lot more satisfying. Eighth Doctor and Cosmo Devine Synopsis The Doctor and Charley arrive in New York on Hallowe’en 1938 to find a dead detective.  The Doctor’s insatiable curiosity takes him on a hunt for a missing […]

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Minuet in Hell

Leave me be! Don’t carry me off to Hell…I’m awfully trepidatious about Hell, you know. Eighth Doctor Synopsis It is early in the 21st Century, and Malebolgia is enjoying its status as the 51st state of the United States.  The Brigadier has been invited over to provide advice after his role in securing the devolution […]

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