The Timeless Children

This post contains spoilers for The Timeless Children.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please turn back now and come back after watching. Welcome, Doctor.  Are you suffering comfortably? Then, I’ll begin.  Once upon a time…No.  Once upon several times, before the Time Lords, before everything we know, there was an explorer. The Master Synopsis The Cybermen […]

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Ascension of the Cybermen

This blog post contains spoilers for Ascension of the Cybermen. If you have not seen this episode yet, please return after watching. The Cybermen were defeated. The victors of a billion battles, broken. An empire of might and terror, fallen. Their weaknesses exploited. Their armies outfought. Their conquests surrendered. Every empire has its time. And […]

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A Time Lord.  But they’re forbidden to interfere. This one calls himself the Doctor – and does nothing else but interfere. Cyber Lieutenant and Cyber Leader Synopsis The Earth is hosting a conference to discuss battling the Cybermen, so naturally, the Cybermen are plotting to destroy the Earth and the Doctor is in the midst of […]

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Rise of the Cybermen

What happened? The Time Vortex, it’s gone!  That’s impossible.  It’s just gone. Rose and the Tenth Doctor Synopsis The Doctor, Rose and Mickey land on an alternate version of the Earth where Rose’s father is still alive.  However, one of the Doctor’s greatest enemies have been reborn and are waiting to strike. Review After the success […]

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Revenge of the Cybermen

Harry Sullivan is an imbecile! Fourth Doctor Synopsis Arriving on Space Station Nerva in its distant past, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry find its crew threatened by a mysterious plague. Discovering that things are not what they seem, they stumble upon a plan to commit genocide devised by the Doctor’s old enemies, the Cybermen. Review […]

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