Remembrance of the Daleks

Do you remember the Zygon gambit with the Loch Ness Monster? Or the Yeti in the Underground?  Your species has an amazing capacity for self-deception. The Seventh Doctor Synopsis The Doctor and Ace are back in 1963, where the Daleks are on the hunt for some Time Lord technology that the Doctor left on Earth […]

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Genesis of the Daleks

Today, the Kaled race has ended, consumed in a fire of war.  But from it’s ashes shall rise a new race.  The supreme creature.  The ultimate conqueror of the universe.  The Dalek! Davros Synopsis The Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry are intercepted on their way back to the Nerva Beacon by the Time Lords, they […]

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Victory of the Daleks

Would you care for some tea? “Ironside” Dalek Synopsis Responding to Winston Churchill’s call, the Doctor and Amy travel to World War Two where they find the Daleks. But why are they helping the Allied cause? Why don’t they recognise the Doctor? What are the Daleks planning? Review When I rewatched Victory of the Daleks […]

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The Daleks

If they call us mutations…what must they be like? Alydon Synopsis The TARDIS brings the Doctor and his companions to the seemingly dead planet of Skaro, where they encounter two indigenous races – the evil Daleks and the peace loving Thals. The TARDIS team convince the Thals of the need to fight. Review The first […]

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