The Elite

The Doctor, after dealing with the aftermath of Omega’s return, wants to take Nyssa and Tegan on a holiday to the planet of Florana. However, as always with the Doctor, nothing is ever quite that simple…

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The illusion is always one of normality. The Doctor Synopsis When a Concorde disappears through a crack in time, the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan take another Concorde to follow, unaware that a mysterious conjuror Kalid is waiting for them. Review After the explosive climax to Earthshock, the conclusion to Peter Davison’s first season as the Doctor is […]

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A Time Lord.  But they’re forbidden to interfere. This one calls himself the Doctor – and does nothing else but interfere. Cyber Lieutenant and Cyber Leader Synopsis The Earth is hosting a conference to discuss battling the Cybermen, so naturally, the Cybermen are plotting to destroy the Earth and the Doctor is in the midst of […]

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Black Orchid

A superb innings, worthy of the master. The Master? Well, the other doctor.  W G Grace. Sir Robert Muir and The Doctor Synopsis The TARDIS arrives in 1925 England, where due to a case of mistaken identity, the Doctor ends up playing in a local cricket match. The travellers accept an invitation to a costume party […]

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