The Underwater Menace

The TARDIS arrives on an extinct volcanic island, and after being captured and taken into the depths of the Earth, the Doctor and his companions find the lost city of Atlantis and it’s civilians. A deranged scientist, Professor Zaroff has convinced them that he can raise the city from the sea, but in actuality, he plans to drain the ocean into the molten core at the Earth’s centre, which will result in the explosion of the planet.

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The Highlanders

This story does not exist due to the wiping of old films by the BBC in the 1970s. As such, I’ll have a look at what the story entailed and talk about the important elements for Patrick Troughton’s time in the TARDIS. The Highlanders was written by Elwyn Jones and Gerry Davis, and directed by […]

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The Power of the Daleks

Following the Doctor’s regeneration into a younger body, the TARDIS lands on Vulcan, where the Doctor is mistaken for the Earth Examiner.
The Doctor discovers that Lesterton is attempting to revive three inanimate Daleks that were found in a crashed ship.  The Doctor’s warnings go unheeded, and once reactivated, the Daleks start performing routine tasks around the colony.  However, they have sinister plans of their own.

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