The Rescue

The Doctor, Ian and Barbara arrive on the planet Dido. They find a crashed spaceship, the only two survivors of which are terrorised by the monster Koquillion. But who is Koquillion?

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The Reign of Terror

Death, always death!  Do you think I want this carnage? Robespierre Synopsis In an attempt to get Ian and Barbara back to 1963, the TARDIS arrives in the outskirts of Paris in 1794, one of the bloodiest years of the French Revolution.  The TARDIS team rapidly get caught up in the actions of James Stirling, […]

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The Sensorites

Did you know, his hair was almost white? Nothing wrong with that! Maitland and the First Doctor Synopsis The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan arrive on a spaceship, finding a human crew who are suffering from telepathic interference from a race called the Sensorites. Review The Sensorites deserves some plaudits for being the first episode […]

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