The Sword of Orion

Synopsis Arriving in the midst of a Human – Android war, the Doctor and Charley find themselves trapped on a star destroyer facing summary execution. However, a believed vanquished foe is stirring in the Garazone system… Review It would be lovely to say that the Eighth Doctor’s first meeting with the Cybermen is a complete […]

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Delta and the Bannermen

A stitch in time…takes up space. Seventh Doctor Synopsis The Doctor and Mel find themselves involved in the end of a war between the Chimerons and the Bannermen, with the Chimeron Queen the last of her kind.  Boarding a Nostalgia Tours bus, the TARDIS team find themselves at the Shangri’La resort which serves as the […]

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Vengeance on Varos

And cut it — now! Governor Synopsis Looking for a rare mineral to repair the TARDIS, the Doctor arrives on Varos, where political prisoners and their guards are all subjected to sadistic tortures and executions which the colony’s inhabitants view and vote on through interactive television. Accused of being alien infiltrators helping the colony’s rebel […]

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Straight-down-the-line thinking, that’s what this situation needs. Sanders Synopsis The TARDIS visits the planet Deva Loka, where all Tegan becomes possessed by an evil force known as the Mara. Review This story is perhaps the best example of how flexible the format of Doctor Who is.  Kinda focuses more on aspects of belief rather than science […]

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Robot of Sherwood

No damsels in distress, no pretty castles, no such thing as Robin Hood. Twelfth Doctor Synopsis At the request of Clara, the TARDIS arrives in Sherwood Forest in 1190, where they meet the folk hero Robin Hood, much to the Doctor’s disbelief.  They quickly realise something is amiss as the Sherriff of Nottingham and his […]

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