The Sontaran Experiment

It’s absolutely typical of Harry.  How anybody in his right mind can fall down a whacking great subsidence like that… The Fourth Doctor Synopsis The Doctor, Sarah and Ian arrive on a desolated Earth and discover some shipwrecked astronauts, who are being experimented on by the Sontarans.  Can the Doctor stop Styre’s experiments? Review The […]

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Victory of the Daleks

Would you care for some tea? “Ironside” Dalek Synopsis Responding to Winston Churchill’s call, the Doctor and Amy travel to World War Two where they find the Daleks. But why are they helping the Allied cause? Why don’t they recognise the Doctor? What are the Daleks planning? Review When I rewatched Victory of the Daleks […]

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The Ambassadors of Death

Something took off from Mars… Charles Van Lyden Synopsis The Doctor and Liz join the investigation regarding Mars Probe 7, which has not communicated with Space Control since setting back from Mars seven months ago.  A further vessel, Recovery 7, is encountering similar problems.  When Recovery 7 returns to Earth, the ship is found to […]

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Tooth and Claw

You want weapons?  We’re in a library!  Books! The best weapon in the world.  This room’s the greatest arsenal we could ever have.  Arm yourselves! Tenth Doctor Synopsis Accidentally ending up in 1876, the Doctor and Rose find themselves trying to keep Queen Victoria safe from a mysterious order of monks and a werewolf. Review […]

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