The Keys of Marinus

Synopsis The TARDIS crew are forced to fulfil a quest for the people of the planet of Marinus to retrieve four of the five keys of the Conscience of Marinus, which are scattered around the planet, to ensure that the Voord do not get control of the planet. Review The Keys of Marinus is a […]

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The Stones of Venice

Let’s travel in style! Let’s raise a glass as we steam down the canal and before the world ends, it turns completely upside down. The Eighth Doctor Synopsis Looking to take a break from the monotony of being shot at, chased and general standard activity of travelling with the Doctor, he and Charley travel to […]

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Do you feel like arguing with a can of deodorant that registers nine on the Richter scale? Ace Synopsis As trouble brews on the space trading colony of Iceworld, the Doctor and Mel encounter their sometimes-ally Sabalom Glitz – and a new friend who goes by “Ace”. Review Dragonfire wraps up a rather indifferent debut […]

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The Mark of the Rani

He wears yellow trousers and a vulgarly coloured coat, but tread carefully – he’s treacherous! The Master Synopsis In the 19th Century, the population is turning violent and unpredictable ahead of a meeting of the brains of the Industrial Revolution, and the Doctor has to get to the bottom of what’s causing it. Review The […]

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The Visitation

I have appeared before some of the most hostile audiences in the world.  Today I met Death in a cellar.  But I have never been so afraid until I met the man with the scythe. Richard Mace Synopsis Failing to take Tegan to Heathrow Airport, the TARDIS lands in the 17th Century.  After exploring, the […]

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