A Time Lord.  But they’re forbidden to interfere. This one calls himself the Doctor – and does nothing else but interfere. Cyber Lieutenant and Cyber Leader Synopsis The Eart is hosting a conference to discuss battling the Cybermen, so naturally, the Cybermen are plotting to destroy the Earth and the Doctor is in the midst of […]

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The Caretaker

One thing Clara. I’m a soldier, guilty as charged. You see him? He’s an officer. I am not an officer! I’m the one who carries you out of the fire. He’s the one who lights it. Danny Pink and the Twelfth Doctor Preamble Gareth Roberts is a deeply problematic individual in Doctor Who currently. Earlier […]

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Terror of the Zygons

When I left you with that psionic beam, Brigadier, I said that it was only to be used in an emergency! This is an emergency! Oil? An emergency? Ha! It’s about time the people who ran this planet of yours realised that to be dependent on a mineral slime just doesn’t make sense. The Fourth […]

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The Vampires of Venice

The life out there, it dazzles.  I mean it blinds you to the things that are important.  I’ve seen it devour relationships entirely…It’s meant to do that. Because for one person to have seen all that, to have tasted the glory, and then go back.  It will tear you apart.  So! I’m sending you somewhere.  […]

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