The Long Game

The thing is, Adam, time travel’s like visiting Paris.  You can’t just read the guide book, you’ve got to throw yourself in.  Eat the food, use the wrong verbs, get charged double and end up snogging complete strangers.  Or is that just me? The Ninth Doctor Synopsis The TARDIS materialises on board Satellite 5, which […]

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The Sensorites

Did you know, his hair was almost white? Nothing wrong with that! Maitland and the First Doctor Synopsis The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan arrive on a spaceship, finding a human crew who are suffering from telepathic interference from a race called the Sensorites. Review The Sensorites deserves some plaudits for being the first episode […]

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Invaders from Mars

How does it feel to betray your own planet? A lot like betraying your own country but a lot more satisfying. Eighth Doctor and Cosmo Devine Synopsis The Doctor and Charley arrive in New York on Hallowe’en 1938 to find a dead detective.  The Doctor’s insatiable curiosity takes him on a hunt for a missing […]

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The Happiness Patrol

I can hear the sound of empires toppling. The Seventh Doctor Synopsis The Doctor and Ace find themselves on Terra Alpha, where Helen A and the Happiness Patrol have made being miserable a crime. Review The Happiness Patrol is perhaps one of the clearest examples of an ambitious story not having an appropriate budget, ultimately effectively […]

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The stories I’ve heard about you.  The great Doctor, all knowing and all powerful.  You’re about as powerful as a burnt out android. Tekker Synopsis On Karfel and 1885 Scotland, the Doctor and Peri, along with H.G. Wells work together to counter the despotic Borad. Review Sometimes, it is hard to come to stories without […]

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